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Two great proposals for northern Brazil

Don´t miss two incredible places in Brazil to enjoy with your family

Salvador de Bahía


Salvador de Bahía is a city and capital of the State of Bahia, famous for its 50 kilometers of beaches, which combined with the colonial architecture of houses and historic buildings, offer the perfect tourist destination.

The climate that prevails in the city is very pleasant especially during the summer season, with temperatures between 28 to 35 ° C.

It is one of the favorite destinations for national and foreign tourism, offering different recreational activities ranging from tours of the historic center, shopping in commercial stores to, of course, enjoying its famous beaches.

Due to its characteristic of extensive coasts, the beaches are the main references of the city, standing out those located in the lower area such as Inema beach, as well as Flamengo beach, located at the other end of the city. On the other hand, the beaches that are in the area known as the lower city, receive the waters of Todos los Santos Bay, while the beach of Puerto de la Barra is notable for being located within this vast bay.



Nazaré Araujo/Tourism Secretary/ LANA


The district of Imbassaí is part of the State of Bahia and is located in the northern part of the coast, very close to the tourist centers of Costa do Sauipe (in the north) and Praia do Forte (in the south).

Imbassaí is a town with a lot of charm and tradition, which is enjoyed fully especially because tourists can go from one place to another walking, without the need to resort to any transport, in addition to the two main streets end in exactly The beach where you can also access small kiosks and taste traditional dishes and international food, while contemplating the spectacular views of the sea.

Previously they were a population whose economic activity was based on fishing and agriculture, although with the construction of the Linha Verde highway, the city was opened to domestic and foreign tourism, becoming this the activity that is most developed today.