28/11/2017 Travel

Maule, new benchmark for tourism in Chile

Heritage vineyards, local agriculture, culinary tradition and a beautiful landscape that mixes the green of the mountain with the strong roar of the Pacific Ocean are some of the qualities offered by the Maule region, which aspires to become a new benchmark for tourism in Chile.

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Located three hours by car south of Santiago, the district formed by municipalities such as Cauquenes, Constitución or Vichuquén, is committed to creating a model of close, sustainable and culturally rich tourism, which highlights the value of an area that stands out for its authenticity.

The wine is one of the great exponents of the region, since it concentrates the largest wine production in Chile, and where stocks considered heritage -to be more than 150 years old- as the "Country" or "Carignan" stand out ", which are usually obtained through an artisanal process.


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Vicente Loyola, one of the many local farmers and entrepreneurs, explains that the País strain, in particular, has a special value for them, since it has been cultivated for many generations. This has allowed its light, fresh and fruity taste to win prizes in competitions throughout the country.

However, as a saying of the area indicates, "to drink well you have to eat well", something that the inhabitants of the Maule region have very internalized. Therefore, in addition to the "grape juice", there are also plenty of bars and restaurants, both large and small, usually family, in which traditional cuisine has created endless recipes to take advantage of local products, mainly hake, Reineta, the lamb or the always necessary ceviche.


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There is also a wide range of activities in the area, which can be spent enjoying a few days in front of the sea in Lipimávida, bird watching with local guides at the mouth of the Mataquito River or being impregnated by the mysticism around Lake Vichuquén, an area of sorcerers and spells.