25/10/2017 Travel

Argentina: a paradise for those who are looking for intense challenges

From diving with sea lions to the crossing of the Andes on horseback, what are the options options for those who prefer to impose a share of vertigo on their days of vacations.


Crossing the Cordillera de los Andes to go to Chile on horseback. Photo: Courtesy Tourism Secretary/LANA


Argentina attracts tourists, explorers and adventure fans from all over the world to enjoy the adrenaline and excitement of this type of activity.

The vastness of the Cordillera de los Andes is ideal for mountaineering; the seas, lakes and rivers for rafting, kayaking, windsurfing and kitesurfing, and the abundance of national parks and protected areas allow you to explore ecotourism and birdwatching.



Rafting in Río Juramento, Salta. Photo: Courtesy Tourism Secretary/LANA


For those in search for adrenaline, in San Juan there are two places where the wind helps the adventure: Cuesta del Viento, near Rodeo, is one of the best places to practice windsurfing, along with Pampa del Leoncito, in Calingasta, it's something like this. like Mecca of carrovelismo, with unique climatic conditions and bursts that can reach the 80 kilometers per hour. Those who practice the sport get to slide at 135 kilometers per hour.

An excellent area for those who want to practice rafting is the Cabra Corral dam and the Juramento river in Salta, depending on the time of the year, where it descends by raft for its rapids.



Kayak in Patagonia. Photo: Courtesy Tourism Secretary/LANA


In Patagonia, the Aluminé River of Neuquén also has unique characteristics for this activity. This region receives next year to the World Rafting, a great opportunity to, also, to travel all the Corridor of the Lakes and the Route of the Pehuén.

Combining adventure and a bit of history, in Mendoza and San Juan there are horseback rides that recreate the Cross of the Andes, transiting mountain landscapes. Day trips are offered, options vary in difficulty and there is the unique possibility of making longer journeys and sleeping under the impressive Andean sky. For something more relaxed, horseback riding that includes picnic and roast criollo.



Windsurf in Patagonia. Photo: Courtesy Tourism Secretary/LANA


Cycling the Talampaya National Park, one of our World Heritage Sites, is one of the most interesting circuits that attract the attention of adventure lovers. With crossings of several hours duration, it is a challenge to discover on wheels this landscape that looks from another planet, surrounded by a labyrinth of towering red walls and strange shapes on the rocks. The excursions are always done with guide enabled.

In Cordoba, several trekking routes lead to climbing hills along intricate paths. Among the most important and popular destinations: the peaks of Champaquí, the highest in the province, the Uritorco or Los Gigantes. At the summit, the prize is the panoramic views: rivers, hills and forests as spots on the horizon.

In the top ten of adventures in Argentina, trekking in the region of the Seven Lakes (Neuquén and Río Negro) and in Potrero de los Funes (San Luis) also stand out. To slide through the water, kayaking in all regions of the country, rafting on the Manso River in Bariloche (Río Negro) and San Rafael (Mendoza). To this, it is added a unique activity: diving with sea lions near Puerto Madryn, the National Capital of this activity and one of the best destinations to practice it. There are many apt areas of transparent water, amateur and professional magnet.

Travelers from all over the world come to meet the challenge of Aconcagua (the highest summit in America in Mendoza), Mercedario (San Juan), Lanín (Neuquén), Fitz Roy (Santa Cruz) and Seismiles (in Catamarca, exceed six thousand meters in height). To take off the ground and see the landscape from the sky, paragliding in Famatina (La Rioja), Cerro San Javier (Tucumán) and Cuchi Corral (Cordoba). On wheels, mountain bike circuits in the Seven Lakes (Neuquén and Río Negro) and in the Calchaquíes Valleys (Salta, Tucumán and Catamarca).

Worldwide destination

A few days ago, Argentina hosted an event that put the country at the center of the international scene. The Adventure Travel World Summit, the summit of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), was held in Salta with the most relevant exponents of activities and adventure travel, tour operators, influencers and media. "We are pleased that they have chosen and trusted in Argentina to hold this congress, the most important of all the adventure segment," said Gustavo Santos, Minister of Tourism of the Nation. He added: "With each meeting we organize, we seek to continue positioning our country as host of events."