31/07/2017 Travel

6 beautiful beaches in Latin America that you have to visit

Almost all are characterized by their white sand and crystal clear waters. These are those of the continent that appear in the list.

Fernando de Noronha Island, Brazil



The Fernando de Noronha Archipelago is located in waters of the Atlantic Ocean, 360 km northeast of Natal. These islands of unsurpassed beauty, are framed by an intensely blue sky and a sea of emerald color. It is well worth traveling to Fernando de Noronha to know its incredible beaches, the best of Brazil, bathed by choppy waters, which only distend the coral reefs.


Playa de Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil




It is difficult to think of Brazil and not think immediately of its paradisiac beaches, and if we are in Rio de Janeiro one of the places that occupy the first place in anyone's mind is the famous Ipanema Beach, in the southern part of the city.


Tulum, Quintana Roo, México




Tulum was a walled city of Mayan culture located in the State of Quintana Roo, southeast of Mexico, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. It is currently a major tourist attraction of the Riviera Maya and next to it is the modern population of the same name, Tulum. The Mayan city is located within the Tulum National Park.

Guanaja Island, Honduras



This beautiful island is a jewel of the Caribbean by its beautiful natural landscapes and white sandy beaches its sea of different shades of turquoise blue full of marine life like fish of different colors, shapes, and sizes its impressive coral reef and many other marine creatures .

Los Roques, Venezuela


To get to Los Roques, if you do not have your own yacht (or a friend with yacht), you can take commercial flights from Caracas, Porlamar (Margarita) and Maracaibo. The arrival by air is an unforgettable spectacle, thanks to the variety of blues that can be observed from the air. (Aerial photos of Los Roques)

Jericoacoara, Brazil


Fortaleza is the fifth most populous city in Brazil, located in the state of Ceará, in the northeast of the country, has extensive beaches and is the ideal place to combine vacations and shopping or going out at night. But if they really want to forget the world, the clock, the cell phones and disconnect from the Internet, travel about 300 kilometers from there to a dream town called Jericoacoara.