11/07/2017 Society

These are the "smartest" cities in Latin America

Buenos Aires tops the list of "smarter" Latin American cities. The list is part of the "smart" cities' ranking of the Cities in Motion 2017 Index of cities of the IESE Cities in Motion Strategies, a research platform launched jointly by the Center for Globalization and The Strategy and Strategy Department of IESE Business School.


Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina tops the list of "smarter" Latin American cities. Archive LANA


The study analyzes 180 cities in 80 countries, based on 79 indicators covering 10 dimensions of urban life. Data are obtained from agencies and agencies such as Unesco, the World Bank and Euromonitor.


The Argentine capital is ranked 83rd overall, but in the first place of the regional, ahead of Santiago de Chile and Mexico City.


Buenos Aires stands out, at regional level, in the dimensions of governance and international projection, according to the index. It is also the most visited city in South America and the second with more skyscrapers in the region, according to the text.


The top 5 of Latin American cities are closed by Medellín, Colombia, and Montevideo, Uruguay.


Most of the Latin American cities are in positions higher than 100, except for the top five.


This is the top 5 of Latin American cities:

1. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Global position:

2. Santiago, Chile (Chile)

Overall position: 85

3. Mexico City (Mexico)

Global position:

4. Medellín (Colombia)

Global position:

5. Montevideo (Uruguay)

Global position: 99

And this is the top 10 at the global level:

1. New York (USA)

2. London (United Kingdom)

3. Paris (France)

4. Boston (USA)

5. San Francisco (USA)

6. Washington (USA)

7. Seoul (South Korea)

8. Tokyo (Japan)

9. Berlin (Germany)

10. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)