12/06/2017 Society

The drama of children and teenagers working in Mexico

Two and a half million children are working below the age allowed in Mexico, reveals today a document released by the United Nations Children''s Fund (Unicef).




Meanwhile, organizations in defense of children in the country estimate that there are more than three million, between five and 17 years working, 12.5 percent of the child population.

The text specifies that the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the International Labor Organization (ILO) consider that this deprives infants and teenagers of their rights, affects their potential or impairs their physical and psychological development.

Unicef ​​also calls on the highest authorities in Mexico to protect children in conflict and disaster situations.

It points out that a working child does not have time to study, or free time to enjoy and fulfill their dreams.

It also recognizes that in 2014 this nation took an important step to fight child labor by reforming its Constitution to raise the minimum age for work to 15 years.

In this way Mexico paved the way for ratifying ILO 138 Convention on Minimum Age for Admission to Employment.

For specialists, this initiative was only in official documents because the exploitation of child labor keeps the same levels like five years ago.

Experts from the ILO urge not to turn back to this reality and call for compliance with the legal framework to protect children from explotation.