28/12/2017 Society

Surprise and fear in South Argentina for the arrival of giant jellyfish to the coast

Giant jellyfish one meter in diameter and "arms" more than four long surprised the residents of Puerto Madryn, Chubut Province, Argentina who discovered them off the coast of the city.


Maxi Jonas/Telam via Ulan/LANA


Although they do not cause serious damage, the authorities warned that they can cause intense burning in the contact with the skin. These are scientifically classified specimens such as "chrysaora placomia", which are observed from the surface as submarine "ghosts" that are washed away by the current and provoke a strong ardor if the bathers carelessly take contact with the filaments of their extremities.

These "living waters" arrived at the coasts of the Golfo Nuevo, located on the southern face of the Valdés Peninsula, in the extreme northeast of the province of Chubut, and many were

The researcher of the Institute of Biology of Marine Organisms of the National Patagonian Center (CENPAT) dependent on the Conicet, Gregorio Bigatti, explained that "this phenomenon occurs when there is a lot of wind and they drag these specimens that have practically no muscles and move by the marine current that in this case a lot is related to surface wind. "

"These specimens live more outside the gulfs and they seem to move permanently, but in reality that movement is produced by the current itself and thus they move by the sea, using the filaments of the extremities to capture their prey" explained Bigatti.


Maxi Jonas/Telam via Ulan/LANA


The mere touch of a swimmer with a jellyfish of these characteristics causes intense burning in the contact area that is overcome with a home remedy: you have to place domestic vinegar that inhibits discharges thanks to acetic acid.

Although no injuries were reported by this "arribazón" -a term used to refer to the arrival of large quantities of fish off the coast- to Puerto Madryn, the lifeguards do their preventive work and recommend that if they come into contact with these "living waters" do not scratch, do not wash with cold water and never put alcohol.

"You have to go to the nearest cupboard, get some vinegar and ready," summarized Mario, one of the lifeguards who does his homework at the stand located in front of the Yacht Club, on the central waterfront of Puerto Madryn.