25/09/2017 Society

Scientists to Present in Chile Conclusions about Neruda's Death

An international panel of scientists will present their findings on the causes of the death of Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda in Chile, an authoritative source told Prensa Latina.




Rodolfo Reyes Muñoz, the nephew of Neruda, said that the Panel of Genomic-Proteomic Experts will meet in this capital on October 16-20 to offer its criteria to the judge of the case, Mario Carroza.

'Apart from the suspicion that my uncle was killed with staphylococcus dorado, there seem to be elements of other bacteria that caused his death with the help of third parties (agents of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet),' he said.

In a note to which Prensa Latina had access, Santiago Court of Appeals stressed that the court 'will take an oath of secrecy at the beginning of the Panel, without prejudice to the strict reservation of information that must be observed.'

The 16 scientists who will take part in the transcendental event come from the United States, Spain, Canada, France, Denmark, and Chile. They will be in session from Monday to Thursday and on Friday, October 20 they will present their conclusions.

44 years ago, on September 23, 1973, the author of Twenty Poems of Love and a Song of Despair died in the clinic Santa Maria in this capital, with a causal opinion attributed to the prostate cancer that he suffered.

However, the greatest anonymous hero in this story, Manuel Araya, Neruda's chauffeur and personal aide, was the trigger for sliding his opinions that the prolific writer and communist militant had been assassinated by the dictatorship.

At the end of 2015, the Interior Ministry of the Government of Chile admitted for the first time that elements found in the investigations carried out by specialists showed the possibility that the death of the poet was with the help of third parties.

The chief prosecuting attorney in the case, Eduardo Contreras, confided to Prensa Latina the coincidences in the deaths of Neruda and 11 years later of the former president Eduardo Frei Montalva.

Recently, the minister Alejandro Madrid, in a special visit, issued a self-indictment against 6 cases for the death of Frei Montalva, ratifying in this way the signs unveiled by his relatives and friends that pointed out the crime.