12/04/2018 Society

Fight for Peace Must Continue, Says FARC in Colombia

Rodrigo Londoño (Timochenko), president of the Colombian party FARC, urged members to continue the fight for peace, a statement that followed the arrest of leader Jesus Santrich.


La Guajira, Colombia.- Photo taken on 02/07/2017. Soldiers of the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC in spanish) in an historic and cordial meeting of many FARC guerrillas with members of the high Government took place in the Caribbean department of La Guajira. ARCHIVE: SIG/LANA

In the statement sent to former fighters settled in the so-called Territorial Spaces of Training and Reincorporation, Timochenko, maximum leader of the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force, said that 'what happened only helps those from the right and left wings that are attacking the peace process'.


Timochenko, former presidential candidate from FARC, said that what is happening with Santrich's arrest is a media show set up by the Colombian prosecutor's office with the support of the United States.


General Prosecutor of Colombia ordered on Monday the arrest of Santrich, a member of the National Political Council of the FARC, following the request of the U.S. Embassy in Colombia, for alleged drug trafficking.


In this regard, Timochenko said that the Colombian prosecutor represents the sector that is expecting a failed peace process, while arresting leaders and dispersing members, and also that he is visible person amid those that will never forgive FARC for the uprising.


He said that those contrary to the peace process also post messages on the social networks saying that they will arrest some people, seeking to spread panic.


He said that in such a situation, FARC's unity and cohesion should prevail, the revolutionary surveillance should be increased, the constant report of irregularities should be made, while winning more and more people in support of the peace process.


'Over prosecutors-enemies of peace we are going to implement the agreements. Whatever the cost is, because it is all about peace of Colombia', said Timochenko.