09/08/2017 Society

FARC-EP Guerrillas Could Be Personal Guards in Colombia

The Colombian Senate will discuss today the organic bill authorizing former FARC-EP combatants to work as security guards of the National Protection Unit (UNP).

Archive LANA. Photo taken 02/07/2017


That legal body was already approved as a first resort by the House of Representatives yesterday after three debate sessions, to comply with item of the Peace Agreement signed in late 2016 at Colon Theater in Bogota.

This text for final approval by the Senate will allow to train 1,000 escorts, who will protect the FARC-EP leaders. They will be set as a political party on September 1.


Archive LANA. Photo taken 02/07/2017

Referring to its approval by that legislative act in the Lower House, Interior Minister Guillermo Rivera said that 'a commitment of the Peace Agreement is being fulfilled.'

This will allow that the former guerrillas can be trained as escorts and be part of the UNP plant, to provide security services to FARC-EP leaders, the minister said.


Archive LANA. Photo taken 02/07/2017

'Protecting those who are reintegrating into civilian life is an absolutely essential issue to build a stable and long-lasting peace in Colombia,'

Rivera stated.

The bill also stipulates that the UNP may expand its members in the 2017-2018 fiscal year.