15/07/2017 Society

Buenos Aires professors ratify struggle after rejecting proposal

Buenos Aires professors, member of the Union of Education Workers (UTE), have ratified today a fight plan after rebuffing the local Executive´s proposal to increase the salary by 21.5 percent, which they term it as insufficient.




When they hoped to have a favorable offer to give way to a long-dormant conflict for several months, professors have reiterated that what the Government of the capital offered to raise the wage from 18 to 21.5 percent, puts it below the national average.

UTE secretary Eduardo Lopez stated that the official offer ratifies 'the continuity of the loss of professors´ purchasing power.'





In a statement published on the UTE´s official website, professors reiterated that the percentage is still insufficient as a wage recomposition.

It is a proposal below the national average that leads Buenos Aires professors to lose purchasing power. On the other hand, we believe that this amount will not solve the dramatic lack of teachers in Argentina´s richest city.





We will continue with the action plan implemented during the winter break which will begin next Monday.

Educators are fighting for a wage that leaves no one below the poverty line amid inflation, which in 2016 rose to 40 percent, and the increase in public services such as electricity, water, gas, among others.