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57 percent of Brazilians in favor of death penalty

Mostly young people between 25 and 34 years. Which is an increase of 10 percentage points from a decade ago, according to a survey published today.



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The population's support for the application of the maximum penalty is the highest since 1991, when the Datafolha institute included the subject in its surveys.

57% of respondents were in favor of this type of punishment in Brazil, 39% said they were against, while 3% did not respond, measured Datafolha, who interviewed 2,765 Brazilians in 192 municipalities between 29 and 30 November of last year.

The study, with a margin of error of two percentage points, revealed that support for the death penalty is greater among the poorest population and among men.

Among Brazilians with a monthly income of up to five minimum wages (4,770 reais or about 1,445 dollars) support is 58%, but this support falls to 51% among people who receive from five to ten minimum wages (9,540 reais or about $ 2,890).

Young people between 25 and 34 years old are the ones who most support the measure (64%), a percentage that is reduced to 52% among those over 60 years old, reproduced the news agency EFE.

According to the survey, Catholics are more favorable to the measure (63%) than evangelists (50%), while among atheists support stands at 46%.

The Brazilian legislation does not contemplate the death penalty and the last execution of this type occurred in 1861.

Two Brazilians were executed in Indonesia in 2015, despite government attempts to stop the execution.