11/10/2017 Politics

Venezuelan Opposition Backs Electoral System for Upcoming Elections

Tania D'Amelio, head of the National Electoral Council (CNE), stated that Venezuela's opposition parties endorsed all audits of the system to be used in the regional elections on October 15.


AVN/ARCHIVE LANA (07/30/2017)


The official confirmed to the press that the representatives of the political groups opposed to the Bolivarian government participated in each auditing process and verification of the electoral system.

For this reason, she disapproved of the double standard of that political sector that participates actively in the organization of the elections while trying to discredit it through private means of communication.



AVN/ARCHIVE LANA (07/30/2017)


'It seems that this is the (opposition) agenda in which in every electoral process, even in the election of the National Assembly (when they won the majority), there is fraud,' D'Amelio said.

She also explained that 23 verifications were carried out within the schedule of the regional elections, something that characterizes the Venezuelan democratic system.



AVN/ARCHIVE LANA (07/30/2017)


On the other hand, she assured that the parties of the right have replaced candidates, but they lie to their followers in this respect by saying the CNE does not allow changes.