13/01/2018 Politics
After 70 days in jail

Released former VP Amado Boudou under oath and without an anklet

The members of the Federal Chamber of the moment revoked a second preventive detention of the former official. They considered that free does not obstruct the open court cases against him.



Gomez Ramiro/ Telam via Ulan/LANA


For two months, Amado Boudou and his friend José María Núñez Carmona communicated through a gate in the Ezeiza Prison, where they entered on November 3. Since this Friday, the two are at liberty. The first to leave the prison was the businessman because he was detained in the case where they were accused of money laundering and illicit association. For the former vice president it was more complicated: he had pre-trial detention in a second case, where Judge Ariel Lijo prosecuted him for embezzlement by paying per diem with apocryphal bills when he was Minister of Economy.



Gomez Ramiro/ Telam via Ulan/LANA


The fair room of the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires, also revoked the detention in this case.

Once the paperwork was completed, the former vice-mayor went to his new home in Barracas with his partner, the Mexican Monica Garcia de la Fuente, who in a few weeks will be the mother of twins. On Monday, he must appear at the Courts of Comodoro Py, where he will be sworn to be entitled.



Gomez Ramiro/ Telam via Ulan/LANA


In addition, the same chamberlain remarked that the fact that Boudou has held positions of special hierarchy in the State, "does not allow inferring that he has the necessary connections to avoid or hinder the process, which would have required some specific indicator in order to verify that possibility, a circumstance that is not noticed here "and stated that imprisonment" in this case can not be maintained ".

"It seems to me that the judiciary is making abuse, and it is not for me that I achieved freedom, but for all the comrades who are detained throughout the country and this is a serious situation. It does not matter who is responsible here, it matters what is at stake in the country. I spent these days with a lot of calm and a lot of faith, very convinced of what the government of Néstor Kirchner and the two governments of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner were, and that gives you a lot of strength", Boudou said.