11/08/2017 Politics

Pre-Election Silence Rules on PASO in Argentina

48 hours before Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory (PASO), the electoral silence enters into force today for all pre-candidates from various parties and alliances, who aspire to an Argentinian Congress seat.


Mauro Ramos/ARCHIVE LANA (10/25/2015)


As stipulated by the National Electoral Chamber, from 08:00 a.m. (local time), proselytism at public events and publication of pre-election polls and surveys are banned.

Over 33 million citizens were eligible to this first phase of legislative elections, with the largest number of voters in the province of Buenos Aires, where 12, 242,708 people were registered, accounting for about 37 percent of the national registry, followed by Cordoba, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires.

For PASO, local authorities set up 14,434 educational facilities nationwide in order to serve as polling stations.

In total, candidates will be selected for 24 seats for Senate and 127 for Deputies. Plus, posts for provincial legislatures will be elected.

Even though there are several candidates, among the most important ones to be elected as senators in the province of Buenos Aires are former President Cristina Fernandez and her partner Jorge Taiana representing Unidad Ciudadana (Citizen Unit) Front.

We can also mention ex-minister of Interior Florencio Randazzo (Cumplir Front); ex-minister of Education, Esteban Bullirch (Cambiemos Front) alliance in which helped current President Mauricio Macri to take office, and Sergio Massa (1País Front).

13 of the 25 seats for the Chamber of Deputies and eight substitutes in addition to the legislature of Buenos Aires will be also elected.

PASO provisional outcomes will be announced from 21:00 p.m. (local time) on Sunday, according to official sources.