12/01/2018 Politics

Police shots in new protest for indults to Fujimori

The clashes, in which the officers used tear gas and batons against the demonstrators, were especially intense in the downtown district of Lince, where the police went out to cut a march that had left the district of Miraflores, in the south of the city.



courtesy larepublica.pe/Lana


In the midst of some clashes with the police, thousands of people protested last night in Lima against the pardon that freed former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori when he was missing 15 years of 25 years in prison for crimes against humanity and again demanded the dismissal of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

Other disturbances of different magnitude appeared in the center of Lima, especially around the strategic Plaza San Martín, which had been fenced in advance by the Mayor's disposition.

The marches left from diverse points of the city to come together in the square Dos de Mayo, in the center, site authorized by the Ministry of the Interior for the act of closing, headed by relatives of the victims of two massacres whose mediated authorship was proved to him to Fujimori.

The marches gathered thousands of people, mostly young people. Similar mobilizations took place in cities such as Cusco, Arequipa and Huancayo, where there was also much discomfort for the pardon for the radical right-wing leader, delivered by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on Christmas Eve.




courtesy larepublica.pe/Lana


Since then the multitudinous protests multiplied.

Kuczynski pardoned Fujimori for humanitarian reasons stemming from the alleged poor state of health of the former prisoner, 79, but broad sectors believe that everything was the result of a hidden negotiation to prevent the president was removed by Congress.

Those speculations are based on the fact that the pardon was delivered three days after the historic parliamentary session in which the opposition lacked eight votes to dismiss Kuczynski for "moral incapacity" stemming from the concealment of ties with the controversial Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.




courtesy larepublica.pe/Lana


In this result, the fact that ten Fujimorista legislators, headed by a son of the pardoned, Kenji, broke the party discipline and refused to support the dismissal, while supposedly negotiating a way out.

The former president, who received the pardon when he was admitted to a clinic for alleged heart problems, lives since he was discharged last week in a luxury home in the exclusive district of La Molina district, in the east of the capital .