21/06/2017 Politics

Chilean women whip Piñera for sexist sayings

It is the second time that the former Chilean president Sebastián Piñera must apologize publicly for launching a macho joke.


Photo: Archive LANA


It happened in 2011, during a meeting of heads of state in Mexico, and last Sunday, at the Municipal Theater of the city of Linares, the current candidate took the stage and launched: "Well, guys, I've just been suggested a It is very simple game, all the women are thrown to the ground and they are made dead, and we throw ourselves over and we become the living ones.


Then there was laughter. It was a campaign activity and in the theater there were only adherents of Piñera, remembered for his outings of protocol when he was president. But yesterday the video of that joke was viralized on the Internet and did not take a single smile.


Upset, President Michelle Bachelet used Twitter to intervene. "A violation is an expression of the greatest violence against women. To joke about it is to despise us all and it is not acceptable," he wrote.


The subject escalated. While Piñera was in the cemetery at the funeral of his older sister, Guadalupe, who died last Sunday, gender equality advocates criticized the joke. In her usual press conference, government spokeswoman Paula Narvaez said that "we are all working to eradicate violence against women." Sexist acts that denote violence do not contribute to a culture free of macho violence. Violate the rights of women, less than people who have a significant public presence and aspire to govern the destinies of the country.The call is to take care of words in public and private, on such a sensitive subject.


The other presidential candidates strongly criticized Piñera. "A candidate can not play with gender violence. Sebastian Piñera should apologize to the women for their bad joke," said Christian Democrats candidate Senator Carolina Goic.


Left-winger Frente Amplio, Beatriz Sánchez, commented: "Piñera's machismo portrays her country look. That's why I'm a feminist candidate." Alejandro Guillier, the presidential candidate who has the backing of the ruling parties and runs second after Piñera in the polls, reflected that "machismo offends and hurts, you have to be aware at a time when that debate is opening in Chile."


Guillier recalled that he was involved in a similar scandal when last year he participated in the delivery of an inflatable doll as a gift to the Minister of Economy to "stimulate" the sector. "This time my lady did not speak to me for three days. I reacted in the most stupid way in the world, I laughed at the famous inflatable doll," he said.


After the political batahola and when the concept # PiñeraMachista added tens of thousands of comments on social networks, Piñera chose Twitter to acknowledge his mistake. "I apologize for a bad joke that does not affect my appreciation and respect for all women. I regret the political advantage it has generated," he wrote. In their command they expect their popularity to fall, but they believe it will continue to lead the polls.