15/07/2017 Opinion

Treaty provokes agricultural disaster in Mexico, editorial alert

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) caused an agricultural disaster in Mexico, an editorial in the daily La Jornada warns.




The text states that the agricultural sector has been systematically dismantled because of the radical anomaly in the treatment given by the signatory nations - the United States, Canada and Mexico - to their respective producers.

It is necessary, he reiterates, to note that the economic disaster and the loss of food sovereignty, the abandonment of the countryside, translate into a human catastrophe.

This led to six million rural Mexicans in precarious conditions crossing the border, risking their lives, facing discrimination and persecution when seeking employment in the country.

He points out that its incidence in the uncontrolled growth of drug cultivation and trafficking cannot be ignored, with its aftermath of extreme violence and tearing of the social fabric.

Faced with the disaster caused in the Mexican countryside, according to the editorial, many members of the agriculture are eager to see the exit of the NAFTA and build new relations of production and exchange for the benefit of the majority.

The Tlcan came into force in January 1994 negotiated by the Government of Carlos Salinas de Gortari with its parts of the United States and Canada.