23/08/2017 Opinion

Mexico: Tragic results after ten years fighting drug trafficking

Ten years after the beginning of the war against drug trafficking in Mexico "results are tragic and alarming", said Erika Llanos, coordinator of "Red Retoño" to prevent organized crime.



Xinhua/ARCHIVE LANA (06/11/2015)


She noted that the campaign "has resulted in 160,000 deaths, 200,000 displaced people, 30,000 missing persons and countless attacks on human rights advocates and journalists".

Speaking at the 2nd Forum Security without War, she commented that the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis in the country "can only be understood due to political corruption, impunity and lack of justice".

"The only way that organized crime can be installed in a nation is through an alliance with the structures of the State, the police, judges, prosecutors, governors and officials at all levels", she stressed.

She pointed out that the assets confiscated from criminals "should be given a social use to solve the great damage caused to families and society".

Llanos noted that in light of the State's absence to search for missing people, relatives "organize brigades to look for them, even if they find their bones, in an effort to find peace".

Mexico is living "difficult times", she noted, because "traffic not only involves drugs, but also migrants, children, girls and adolescents to exploit them sexually".