26/01/2018 Environment

Ecuadorian government strengthens control to preserve ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands

A Center for Quarantine Operations of the Agency for the Regulation and Control of Biosecurity and Quarantine (ABG by its acronym in Spanish) was inaugurated in the San Cristobal Island of the province of Galapagos in order to strengthen control of the entering of harmful elements in the fragile ecosystem.

Carlos Rodriguez/ANDES/LANA


Such infrastructure will have spaces to develop prevention and control works for the preservation of the islands framed by international biosecurity regulations, said minister of Environment Tarsicio Granizo.


Carlos Rodriguez/ANDES/LANA


The Biosecurity Agency, part of the Ministry of Environment, is the health authority in charge of the eradication of exogenous species that can affect human and animal health in the Galapagos Islands.

Granizo explained that ABG will offer identification and pest management services, control in food harmlessness focused on primary products, among others.