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The 15 Latin American writers you canīt stop reading

Latin American literature is very rich and varied, and there are authors who have necessarily marked our history and Hispanic literature. Meet the 15 main Latin American authors that you can not stop reading.

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Latin America has produced great exponents of literature, all born in different economic, social and historical contexts, all with different roots and in very varied social situations. Meet the 15 Latin American writers you can not stop reading:


1. Gabriel García Márquez

Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982, García Márquez (1927-2004) is considered an emblem of Latin American literature and one of the greatest exponents of magical realism. Among his most outstanding works are:

One hundred years of Soledad (1967)

Love in the time of cholera (1985)

The Colonel has no one to write to him (1961)

Memories of my sad whores (2004)


2. Pablo Neruda

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The Chilean writer Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) was considered "the greatest poet of the twentieth century in any language", according to Gabriel García Márquez, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 and was awarded the Honoris Causa Doctorate by the Universidad de Oxford Some of his most important works are:

Twenty love poems and a desperate song (1924)

General Canto (1950)

One hundred sonnets of love (1956)

3. Mario Vargas Llosa





Nobel Prize for Literature, Prince of Asturias Award for Literature and National Novel Prize of Peru, the Peruvian writer is a fervent defender of liberal ideas and one of the most important novelists and essayists of today. Of its repertoire it stands out especially:


30th edition of the International Book Fest of Guadalajara
30th edition of the International Book Fest of Guadalajara



The city and the dogs (1963)

Aunt Julia and the writer (1977)

The party of the Goat (2000)

Mischief of the bad girl (2006)


4. Juan Carlos Onetti




Uruguayan writer, Onetti (1909-1994) was described by Vargas Llosa as "an enormously original, coherent writer; his world is a universe of pessimism that surpasses thanks to literature. " From his literature we highlight:

The well (1939)

No Man's Land (1941)

For tonight (1943)

The short life (1950)


5. José Martí


Cuba 1 peso 1995


The Cuban politician, thinker, writer and poet (1853 -1895) is a recognized figure of Spanish-American literature. Creator of the Cuban Revolutionary Party and organizer of the War of the 95, Martí is considered "the apostle of the Independence of Cuba". Among his most outstanding works are:

Ismaelillo (1882)

Simple Verses (1891)


6. Jorge Luis Borges




Undoubtedly Borges (1899-1986) is one of the most intricate and complex authors of the twentieth century, with many awards and distinctions, and a wide range of works, among which we find:





Inquisitions (1925)

The size of my hope (1926)

History of eternity (1936)

Personal Anthology (1961)


7. Julio Cortázar

Another great representative of Argentina, Cortázer was a master of the short story, the magical realism and the stories stripped of temporal linearity and filled with the fantastic. Among his best works we find:

Rayuela (1963)

Anthology (1975)

Argentina, years of cultural barbed wire (1984)

Except the twilight (1984)


8. Isabel Allende

The Chilean writer (1942) is one of the most outstanding of its kind and the most widely read writer of the Spanish language in the world, National Literature Prize and member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, with more than 65 million copies sold in 35 languages. Some of his most important books are:

The House of the Spirits (1982)

Of love and shadow (1984)

The forest of the pygmies (2004)

Maya's notebook (2011)


9. Jorge Amado

Amado (1912-2001) was not only a prolific writer, with works translated into 49 languages ??and published in 55 countries, but he was also the most voted deputy of the state of São Paulo and author of the law that ensures the freedom of religious worship . Some of his most outstanding works are:

Dead Sea (1936)

Captains of the sand (1937)

Gabriela, clove and cinnamon (1958)

The shepherds of the night (1964)


10. Miguel Asturias

Nobel Prize for Literature 1967, the Guatemalan writer (1899-1974) was an exponent of magical realism and a fervent opponent of the dictatorship in his country. His most important works are political denunciation and recognition of indigenous culture, as well as the social and moral aspirations of the Guatemalan population. They are:

The President (1943)

Men of corn (1949)


11. Carlos Fuentes

Fuentes (1928-2012), was a Mexican writer, intellectual and diplomat and one of the most outstanding Spanish-American authors, with various distinctions such as the Cervantes Award (1987) and the Prince of Asturias de las Letras (1994), and honoris causa de several universities like Harvard, Cambridge and the UNAM.

More important works:

The most transparent region (1958)

The death of Artemio Cruz (1962)

Aura (1962)


12. Gabriela Mistral

Another great Chilean writer, Mistral (1889-1957) was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in Literature (1945) and also received the National Literature Prize of Chile (1951). Among his best works we find:

Tenderness (1924)

White clouds and brief description of Chile (1934)

Lagar (1954)


Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990, the Mexican writer (1914-1998) was a renowned poet, essayist and writer of the twentieth century, as well as an inclusive figure in Mexican, European and Asian politics and society. His most important works are:

The Labyrinth of Solitude (1950)

The bow and the lyre (1959)

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz or the Traps of the Faith (1982)


14. Roberto Bolaño

Bolaño (1953- 2003) was a prolific Chilean writer and poet, and one of the most influential in the Spanish language, compared to authors like Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortázar. Winner of several awards, such as the Herralde Prize (1998) and the Rómulo Gallegos (1999), 5 of his works have been named among the 100 best 100 books in the Spanish language of the last 25 years, list prepared by 81 Latin American writers and critics .

Among his most outstanding works are:

2666 (2004)

The Wild Detectives (1998)


15. Mario Benedetti

Mario Benedetti (1920 -2009) 1 was a Uruguayan writer, poet and dramatist, member of the Generation of 45, with more than 80 books, some of them translated into more than 20 languages. Among his best works we find:

The Truce (1960)

Who among us (1953)

Poetic Anthology (1984)

The love, the women and the life (1995)